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Lunch Surprise in New Delhi

She whimpers... She feels my hand travel the inside of her thigh, and she knew what it would find...I arrive at the thin fabric of her panties, and I laugh out loud. Dia hates me for laughing, and she bucks hard, taking her chance to escape. She barely shifts me an inch, and my hand stays right where I left it. " You're soaking wet," I said, and she was. Her face burns with shame, and a stream of tears snake down the side of her nose. " It doesn't matter. I don't want you..." " You don't?" I ask again. I rub her pussy, gentle as a kitten, from the crest of her clit to the seam of her ass, in a sweeping oval, again and again. Dia begins to burn, and ache, as she struggles, she feels the lips of her pussy slipping against each other. Dia is so wet... maybe as wet as she has ever been, and she aches for relief.

" You want it," I said. " No..." " Ask me for it." " Please don't..." My hand slips to where her thigh joins her pussy, at the little lace border of her panties, I hook a gentle finger underneath the cotton crotch, completely soaked. I throw an arm under her as easily as if she were a bag of groceries, and she can't move a muscle. Dia can only lie and shiver as I touch her... letting my fingers explore her panties...She feels my fingertip approach her clit, and she longs for it. It seems like only a few strokes will bring her to climax, if I would just touch her, just touch it...My hand disappears, and her heart sank with disappointment. Disappointed? The shame of wanting me made her wetter, hotter, and she eases her legs together just to contain it. I shift upward and she hear that zipping sound. Despite her desire, her belly aches with fear. Dia isn't ready...she can't handle it...The thick and slippery tip of my cock sprang against the fabric of her panties. Through the crotch it strains her slit, begging for entry. Dia squirms against it, but it only bunches her panties to the side. My cock is now touching skin, though still barred by her panties... the tiniest thread...

" Don't do it... you don't have to..." Dia pleads. " I do... I have to..." My hand underneath her shifting her up again, and suddenly it is down the front of her panties. I tease the short fur of her pussy, inching down. Dia bore down on my hand, trying to pin it, but it is too strong, and moving... moving steadily down...My fingers landing on her clit, so slick she hardly feels them at first. I rock my hand against her, working off the wetness, until the slow ache of pleasure begins to build. Dia struggles against my cock again, wildly, unsure if she is trying to get me away or inside her. Either way will be a relief... either way will be a way out of this awful agonizing limbo...I shift again, and suddenly my cock is at the slit of her pussy, panties pulled aside and so wet as to be no resistances anyway. Did I know? Can I feel it? Did I know just one thrust will have me inside her? It is now or never. Dia grabs the edge of the mattress pulling with all her strength, kicking up both legs, throwing me to the side. For a heartbeat she is free... for a heartbeat she had a chance for the window, something...her clothes still on, her chastity intact...But without leaving the bed I grab her by the skirt throwing her back to the bed, on her back this time, and leaping on top of her. I pin her arms with both hands. Dia thrashes her legs, keeping her knees tight, but it didn't matter. I push one knee between them... then two... and wedging her legs apart.

The harder she struggles, the harder the seam of her panties struck her pussy, and the more aroused she becomes. I release her suddenly. Before she can react, I snatch her panties in both hands and tore them apart. Dia realizes in that moment there is no getting out of this. I pin her down again, slapping my cock against her naked pussy. I shift into position between her legs, dancing the thick purple head of my cock against her slit, pushing this way and that. Dia flails, turning sideways, but my cock is too big for it to matter. It is everywhere, and the more I work it against her pussy, the wetter it got. The wetter it got, the easier it slips between her lips. Dia shut her eyes tight. "I'm begging you, please..." She whispers. " Don't do this." I grab her face making her look up at me, making her see the look on my face as I eyelids shudder, my cock swells and throbs, as I continue pushing inside her. There is a surge of startled pain, and then nothing. I rest inside her like a coiled snake. Dia shut her eyes again, as I slap her face until she looks at me again.

Then I start to push in and out of her. Long strokes, as she struggles against me, I'm too strong. I'm in complete control. The best she can do is to sway her hips away from my stroke, but I find the center again....I push harder into her again, and I'm thrusting slow and deep, until she can't think, can't think of how to throw me off. Her brain filled with fire, with the liquid movement of my cock inside her. Her thighs shaking, as I groan in response. The sound of my groans make her wetter, I feel the change, as I groan again, and she got wetter again, and she moans despite herself at the throbbing of my massive cock in her. He took his hand off my face and pushed it to my clit, working the entire front of my sex with my palm. Dia shouts out loud. The pleasure, the fear, the shame is too much for her. She feels like she is burning alive. " Please... please..." Dia begs. " Please what?" I ask, a look of smug satisfaction on my face. I play her like a piano, plunging my cock in like a sword. " Please fuck me..." Dia said. " I am fucking you." "Please... fuck me harder..." I smile a real smile increasing my tempo. Dia hears the thick sound of me sliding inside her, she feels me as deep as her navel, alive inside her like a dragon.

Dia shouts again, she didn't care who hears her. I dig my nails into the back of her neck. " Come for me," I groan. " Come for me." I grunted. Dia feels my balls clenching, my cock swelling thicker... I double the speed of my hand, as she feels her climax tumbling over her like an avalanche. " I'm coming...Oh God I'm coming..." Dia wraps her thighs around me, screaming. The pleasure is unbearable. Tears streaming down her face. She bites me on the shoulder, and suddenly I shout. " I'm coming." I throw back my head driving into her...harder and deeper causing stomach cramps...Dia punches me in the chest, but I slam into her harder...she feels my cock go off like a shotgun, spurting deep inside me. Immediately stream of cum begins flowing out, as I plunge my final thrusts...I collapse, exhausted, sweating onto her breasts. 

Dia waits, motionless, unsure what to do... praying for my erection to return...Later, she let the water drain out of the tub, toweled off and begin rubbing perfumed lotion on her body. Her mind is off in another world, she didn't notice that I'm a shadowy figure behind her. She knocks the lotion bottle onto the floor and as she bent down to pick it up, rough arms wrap around her pulling her into the dark bedroom. One hand over her mouth, the other holding her so tight her ribs hurt, she can't let out a loud enough scream. I whisper gruffly in her ear, "Don't scream." The moonlight shone in, giving just enough light for me to view her body again. I see the fear in her eyes and it excites me. My cock rose in my pants as I rub against her. She closes her eyes tight, a single tear escaping. This makes me even hotter for her. Feeling her body makes me so horny. I begin running my fingers over her nipples. They got hard as I laugh. " You're getting turned on again, aren't you?"

She shook her head, embarrassed that her body is reacting that way. She tries to think about something, anything, that will make her body shut down against my assault. But it isn't working. Every touch sends electric jolts throughout her body. She cries, wanting to feel more. I'm violating her again, " Don't fight it, baby. You know you want it again." I unbuckled and unzipped my pants, my long hard thick cock popping out. I place it against her wet pussy, teasing her, getting her wetter and wetter. I laugh harder at that, knowing that I'm going to fuck her again and she likes it, but didn't want to. " Tell me you want me to fuck you," I whisper in her ear. She shook her head, " I said, 'tell me you want me to fuck you.'" Her voice quivering, " I want you to fuck me." " Louder." " I want you to fuck me!" She screams. " That's better, now fuck me back, baby." I slide my cock all the way in her, thrusting in and out. She turns her head away, but I jerk it back and begin kissing her, sliding my tongue down her throat. She gags a little bit at the forceful kiss, but I didn't stop. I pull her hair, " I want to hear you moan, show me how good it feels."

She lets out a whimper, as I pull her hair harder. " Mmmm, baby it feels so good," she said, but it came out monotone. I wrap my hand around her throat pushing down, " Dia, I said to moan, I want to know how good it feels to you." She grabs at my hand, but I push hers away. " I'll let go if you tell me what I want to hear." She nods, " Oh God baby, I want you to fuck me rougher and harder. It feels so good." " Oh yes, baby, I knew you were a dirty little slut. I feel your wet pussy slurping my cock in. I knew you would want it as bad as I did. Fuck me back baby, show me how good it feels." She thrusts her hips up to meet me, trying to please me. Harder and harder we fucked, our bodies slamming together, her moans becoming louder. She wraps her arms around me, pulling me in deeper. Knowing I'm a stranger, made it more exciting. She wants me again so bad, but she can't let me know that. I feel her arms wrap around me as I slam my cock deeper into her, making her moan more. " God baby, you are such a dirty girl. You're body is amazing...fuck me baby, keep fucking me."

She did as she is told, using all her strength to fuck me, she is beginning to orgasm. She can't hold it back as she lets out a series of squeals as her pussy begins to spasm around my cock. I can't hold it in either as I slam her pussy harder. Squirting gobs and gobs of cum into her tight, wet pussy. " Well, now I know that you had as good a time as I did baby." She begins sobbing, she has gotten another orgasm from me. She enjoyed it, She can't get up. She just lies there, her body shaking from cumming. She didn't notice that I had left. The door to the bedroom opens and come back in, she leans against me, needing to feel my strength, when she notices my cock is hard in my pants. I'm horny again, she looks up at me, questions in her eyes. I lean down kissing her tits, sucking her nipples into my mouth. What is he doing? She has just been fucked again and I'm back doing foreplay on her. She pushes me away, but I pulled her tight to me whispering in her ear, " Don't scream. Round three is about to start." " What did you say? Oh my God." " Yes baby." " Oh my God, baby, I'm so sore and tired." " Yes, but you are also so turned on, and that makes me so hot." " That was the horniest I have ever been. It is great."